For you, From me. With love.

I miss you. Every day. My life is hard without you. Sometimes it sucks, very much. I just want to give up, disappear and never come back. I want to be with you where you are now. Wherever you are.

I seem to remember you as if it were yesterday. Everything. Your smile, your green eyes, how you begin to stammer when you're nervous. Your laughter, your tears, your hugs and your calm voice.

You said everything would be fine. Always. No matter what happened or will happen in our lives. It would always work out. You said that the life that you have is something you should take care of. You only live once. Live it. But why did your life end then? Why did not you live more? So many questions, no answers. I just want to know why. Why?

You were my best friend. I trusted you. Always. I think you knew me more than I knew myself. You saved me. And I know you want me to try to be happy. Live my life. Even when it's hard, I'll always continue. For you. I hope that some day we meet again. Somewhere. When it's my turn. We have a lot to catch up then. I will tell you all about my life for you. Life I lived. For you. I miss you, I will always love you and I live for you, best friends forever.

L <3


Svar: <3
♥ Mandah Moon

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